We have an incredible number of women who have announced their candidacy for the 2020
presidential race.


And every single one of them is being criticized in ways that can be considered disheartening.
Kamala Harris is being judged for her policies as a prosecutor. which seems fair to me. In that
same category I’d include Kirsten Gillibrand. Her enthusiastic support of the NRA until it wasn’t
politically viable in NY along with her berating of the Senator Franken ethics hearing have
shown her opportunistic chops. Elizabeth Warren is still facing fallout from the Native
American DNA and Pocahontas debacle … understandable but I’m irritated by the lack of
attention to her work as a senator.

And now Amy Klobuchar.

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, laughs as she addresses a snowy rally where she announced she is entering the race for president Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

First … she gets criticized by President Bone Spurs for delivering her first campaign speech in a
snowstorm … because riding down an escalator surrounded by paid clappers is better?

But then the stuff came out that some aides were required to do things like wash dishes and
that Sen. Klobuchar was hard to work for . . .. still nothing about her political positions. Just that Amy just wasn’t NICE.

From many accounts several male presidents weren’t NICE. I didn’t know NICE was arequirement. As Amy Edmondson. a professor at Harvard Business School said in a Washington Post article “tough is a compliment for men but an insult when used on a woman.”If we’re going to criticize women candidates. let’s do it based on their policies and legislative
agendas. (Don’t get me started on Secretary Clinton please .. that’s a whole topic/podcast right there)

For example, Sen. Klobuchar is also a former prosecutor like Sen. Harris. Just like Sen.
Harris. Amy Klobuchar also put tremendous amounts of low level drug offenders into a prison
system that that ruined their lives and their families. And that ‘tough on crime’ platform has
allowed Klobuchar to advance politically to where she can seriously consider running for
president. Just as we’re asking questions regarding Kamala Harris about these issues. we
should be pushing Klobuchar.

Let’s give Klobuchar’s history as a prosecutor more attention than who washed her dishes!