Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is at it again….and by “at it” I’m not referring to sniffing the hair of unsuspecting white women. No…he’s once again trying to apologize-not-apologize for the Anita Hill debacle.

Why is he putting so much effort, including phoning Anita Hill before running, into not apologizing? Because what he’s doing is not apologizing.

Examples of the non-apology: 

“To this day, I regret I couldn’t give her the kind of hearing she deserved,”

“I’m sorry this happened, but I’m not sorry in the sense that I think I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate.”

It is summarized best for me by Natasha Lennard in her article “What Joe Biden’s (non)-Apology to Anita Hill Reveals about Him”. Lennard writes, “Biden is more than able to identify America’s structural problems, but his failure to recognize his own part in upholding them proves he is unable — and unwilling — to fight them.”

As we discuss in Episode 3 a real apology acknowledges the pain caused and the role that the apologizer had in the harm causing action. That isn’t happening. And the idea that then-Senator Biden didn’t have enough power to keep it from happening appears disingenuous. Biden wasn’t a victim of the system. Biden WAS and continues to be “the system”.

So let me write what Biden *should* have said.

I apologize unreservedly for my role in the fiasco of that hearing. I was wrong. At the time I did not understand the daily challenges women face in these employment situations. As a senator in the US Senate I, more than almost any other American, had a platform to change the situation and did not do that. Over time I have learned and gained awareness and would not behave that way today. While I cannot change what happened I can say that I will never let that happen again. #believewomen #MeToo

Ok..maybe not the hashtags but you can see where I’m going with this. It would be easy and believable that Joe Biden has learned from this and the years that have passed. But it is not easy to believe that Biden will behave differently if he can’t acknowledge what went wrong.

Go read Natasha Lennard’s excellent article about this topic.