Back in Episode 0 Benita and discussed how we wanted Feminist Utopia to be able to include all things from our lives including crafting. Granted, we’ve not done much with the crafting stuff on the podcast so far as the political and moral situations have grabbed our attention more. But then Ravelry did something huge.

In case you don’t know, Ravelry is a website for knitters and crocheters that has a thriving forum and is a place where people can sell or give away patterns to other crafters. Benita found a dog blanket for her Kupo. I prefer to make dishcloths. We’ve both used it. 

There is also a set of forums at Ravelry where a lot of people talk about things beyond crafting…things like recipes and so on. I’ve stayed out of those areas as I find many crafting spaces to be filled with people not interested in recognizing the privilege they bring to those space.  That’s a longwinded way of saying I find a lot of them to be assholes who want to stick their heads in the sand and get pissed off when people point stuff out to them about how their view of the world harms people.

Today, the owners of Ravelry created a new guideline that they’re no longer allowing posts or projects that support Donald Trump. Right there on their front page they posted this:

“We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is unambiguously support for white supremacy.”

Most people in the forum, including myself, are supportive of this move. You can’t be a safe place for all if you allow people to support white supremacy. The Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief is one of the most divisive political individuals our country has dealt with in a very long time. The ones that oppose it appear to be trying to claim some sort of moral high ground of wanting politics to stay out of knitting…that things are getting too political and can’t we all just get along.

The view that we need to keep politics out is white supremacy in action. 

It’s not just ‘politics’ when we have kids in cages without toothpaste and beds. It’s not just politics when Trump calls American Nazis in Charlottesville “fine people” It’s not just politics when your ability to see a doctor depends on his willingness to not discriminate against you because you are LGBT.

If we want to be better people we have to live a moral code in all our places…work, home, school, and even our crafting world.  Dehumanizing others isn’t a political position. It is a moral one. 

PS: If you’re reading this and feel attacked I strongly suggest you read “White Fragility”by Robin DiAngelo.