Many women and other marginalzied groups have issues with Joe Biden. From “poor families just need record players” to sniffing the hair of women without there consent in front of cameras, Biden has a long track record of saying and doing things that are just rude and offensive. However, our bar is now “At least he didn’t say ‘grab ’em by the pussy’.  What can Biden do to fix this or at least begin to move past it?  We discuss what has already been said and done with sexual harassment, claims of sexual assault (Tara Reade), lies about his academic past, and just blatant racism. It ties into our episode about good apologies.

PS: This was recorded before Tara Reade’s lawyer dropped her as a client after WaPo found out more lies about Reade’s past and before Biden telling a black man that you can’t be black and support Trump.

The 9 Rules for True Apologies

A Good Apology Is Hard to Find