Now that the euphoria (and relief) of January 20th has worn off, we found ourselves in a bit of a downward spiral with all the Senate shenanigans and Andrew Cuomo’s #MeToo moment. We talk a bit about being disappointed and then what to get excited about. As we’ve always said..this is not a marathon not a sprint. This episode we discuss the next leg of the marathon which is HR1 – “For the People” Act.


Script for contacting your senators re: HR1 “For The People Act”

Hi. I’m from [NAME YOUR CITY or TOWN] and I’m calling because now, more than ever, need to have fair and equitable access to voting. The For The People Act will restrict foriegn influence,  ensure Americans’ access to the ballot box, strengthen ethics rules, and restrict damaging gerrymandering. .This is a bipartisan issue with Americans across the board supporting these provisions proving that strengthening democracy is not a partisan issue. Can I count on you to cosponsor and vote for HR1? Thank you.